Version 1.5 and Summer Sale! 50% Off!

50% Off! Version 1.5

Everybody, we have two exciting announcements for you!

First... The game is now on sale for 50% off!

And second, for those you already own the game... Version 1.5 is released!

This new version of the game introduces an all-new Story Mode designed for newcomers to the tactical genre of games, as well as for those who would prefer a story-focused experience over a gameplay-focused one. In Story Mode, enemies will instantly end their turn. There is still gameplay to be had in picking your units and moving your armies forward, but it is a remarkably easier experience. We know many of you struggled with the game's difficulty in the past; with this new mode we hope you enjoy the game!

Sovereign Tea v1.5.0 Patch Notes


  • Added Story Mode; enable this feature to greatly reduce gameplay difficulty.
  • Added quick navigation buttons in the Compendium bestiary.


  • Added tooltips to the intelligence and manor switch in Level 9.
  • Improve tooltips in Level Select to showcase core unit stats.


  • Fixed a handful of small typos.
  • Fixed functionality of Sludge Tea.
  • Fixed a softlock condition involving the Compendium.



Sovereign Tea v1.5.0 255 MB
Jun 23, 2022

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