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Sovereign Tea is a Turn-Based Strategy RPG for desktop platforms with a simple premise: Tea VS Coffee. Play as the Tea Princesses and brew loyal Tea Minions to combat the wicked forces of the ever-growing Coffee Empire!

This game is still early in development. If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us to share your thoughts. We at 3 Halves Games always appreciate constructive criticism and feedback!


The Coffee Empire is growing by the minute, conquering lands that once belonged to the now-splintered Tea Realm. Despite their fundamental differences, the sovereigns of the land, the Tea Princesses, agree to work together to stave off the impending threat and save their collective homeland.

Tea meets coffee on the battlefield

Sovereign Tea is a tile-based strategy game with emphasis on resource gathering and management. The Tea Princesses serve as your commanders in the fight against the Coffee Empire. By collecting resources on the map, you can brew a variety of Tea Minions that are contextually useful. Do you brew a fast but weak scout and use them to cultivate more resources on the map, or a slow but strong warrior to fend off the invading forces? With each map limited in its agricultural yields, it is up to you to experiment and adapt your overall strategy. Beware, however, as the Coffee Empire is capable of the exact same thing.

A table of tea minions that can be brewed

All units you can make have actions and abilities. Actions are relatively simple: Attack, Move, Heal, and so on. What makes the combat in this game unique are the abilities that fire at different phases of combat. Some units have abilities that fire when they die, when they hit an enemy, when they get hit by an enemy, and more. Finding the unique interactions and combos possible with this system is your way to victory.

Even more, each Tea Princess grants her brewed minions a unique ability that differs by princess, further augmenting how you create your army and how you approach the enemy forces.


Each Tea Realm in the game is ruled over by a Tea Princess. The Tea Princesses are commander units with the ability to transform cultivated resources into Tea Minions. In their fight against the Coffee Empire, they have formed four unique alliances:

  • Herbal Teas
  • White Teas
  • Green Teas
  • Black Teas

Each alliance is composed of three different Tea Princesses. In game, these alliances have their own unique story arcs where they must overcome adversity in order to fend off attacks from different Coffee Regents. With four teams of three princesses, there are a total of twelve different playable Tea Princesses.

Bai Mudan

Silver Needle

Shou Mei


Dragon Well





Earl Grey

Masala Chai

Black Rose

We look forward to sharing more information on each and every one of them in the coming months!

Pricing Model

We're taking a different approach when it comes to pricing our game: we're scaling the price up as development progresses based on significant milestone. If you're an early adopter who happens to purchase this game before full release, you will gain early access and receive updates as they come. We want to be completely transparent with when we increase the price of our game and we hope the below graphic summarizes our intent well:

Pricing information

If you buy the game early, please take note that you are buying an in-development title. Do not expect a full game until the final milestone is met in Q1-Q2 2021. As always, should you purchase early please offer us any and all feedback! Your early support will help us craft Sovereign Tea into a truly great title.

You can offer feedback by joining our Discord. If you purchased the game here, upon proof of purchase, we will award you with a unique Savior of the Arts role in our server!


As seen above in the Pricing Model section, we have different milestones we aim to reach in the development of this game. We'd like to detail what each entails:

  • Version 0.1 (Q4 2019)
    An extremely early look at the game. One map to play with three units to brew. Showcasing of basic combat and resource gathering systems with early trigger callbacks. Little to no animation or polish. Windows only.
  • Alpha Release (Q1 2020)
    Real playable levels showcasing alliance mechanics where you control multiple Tea Princesses at once. Enemy AI making early, but meaningful strategic decisions against you. More units to brew and resources to harvest. Increase in number of actions present in the game.
  • Early Access (Q3 2020)
    Multiple levels that can be played across all four alliances. Multiple animations in place. Further fleshed out gameplay mechanics and polish.
  • Full Game Release (Q1-Q2 2021)
    The full game with all campaigns and levels. Music and sound effects finalized. Everything finalized... It's the release, after all!

As development proceeds we will update this page with additional information. Beyond that, we will more regularly post updates on our social media platforms, so be sure to connect with us to stay in the loop. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and on Discord for updates!

The Team

The Team

Sovereign Tea is developed by 3 Halves Gamesa Maryland company.

On behalf of the team, thank you for playing Sovereign Tea!

Bai Mudan admiring her Tea Minion


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Hi there, let's talk about this. You should get an email from us shortly.