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Welcome to Sovereign Tea, a Tea VS Coffee Strategy RPG available for Windows.

Under threat of invasion from the Coffee Empire, the 12 Tea Princesses of the independent Tea Realms must overcome their differences to defend their lands. Gather resources and brew Tea Minions to your side to counter the enemy's strategy in this grid-based mechanics-focused title. Featuring 12 playable characters, 25 fine-tuned levels, and 50+ Tea Minions to brew and discover, Sovereign Tea aims to be a unique and fun video game for all lovers of strategy and tea.

In Sovereign Tea, you utilize your Tea Princesses to brew an army of Tea Minions.

Tea Minions are your dispensable forces in the fight against the Coffee Empire. They all require resources to brew, some as simple as costing merely 1 tea leaf, others requiring bonus ingredients like blueberries and raspberries. Each Tea Minion has its own stats and abilities.

Different Tea Minions grant you situational advantage to counter the Coffee Minions you will face. Units brewed with raspberries tend to trigger their abilities whenever they get hit by an enemy, so use them to counter multi-hit units. Units brewed with blueberries usually have a trigger to deal loads of damage, so force them into a situation where the enemy has no choice but to fight them.

But that's not all: your Tea Princesses will imbue unique power into her Tea Minions. Sometimes you need territorial control, in which case Silver Needle's fast-but-fragile assassins are your key to victory. Other times you need to tank a lot of damage, so leverage the buffed healing properties of Shou Mei's minions. Maybe you need to fully disable the enemy for a turn, in which case you should strike hard with Chamomile's sleep-inducing brews.

There are multiple paths to success in this game, and no single strategy will work throughout all levels in the title. Ultimately, it's up to your judgment to lead the Tea Realms to glory against the Coffee Empire.

Before the Old War, there lived two factions: the Tea Princesses and the Coffee Regents. The Tea Princesses chose to rule their realms separately, allowing each princess to govern by her own virtue... but the Coffee Regents chose to unify their lands, forming the great and terrible Coffee Empire. The most eminent regent, the Coffee Emperor, rose mighty armies and waged blind conquest across the continent. Their domains now splintered and on the brink, the Tea Princesses must embark on a quest to reclaim their homelands...

There are 12 playable Tea Princesses in the game that you can recruit, divided into 4 teams: White Teas, Green Teas, Herbal Teas, and Black Teas.

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We're taking a different approach when it comes to pricing our game: we're scaling the price up as development progresses based on significant milestone. If you're an early adopter who happens to purchase this game before full release, you will gain early access and receive updates as they come. We want to be completely transparent with when we increase the price of our game and we hope the below graphic summarizes our intent well:

If you buy the game early, please take note that you are buying an in-development title. Do not expect a full game until the final milestone is met in Q2-Q3 2021. As always, should you purchase early please offer us any and all feedback! Your early support will help us craft Sovereign Tea into a truly great title.

You can offer feedback by joining our Discord. If you purchased the game here, upon proof of purchase, we will award you with a unique Savior of the Arts role in our server!

The Team

Sovereign Tea is developed by 3 Halves Gamesa Maryland company.

On behalf of the team, thank you for playing Sovereign Tea!


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Hi there! Beautiful game, do you have any interest in working with a publisher? I work with Sedoc, an indie publisher, and we'd love to talk with you if you're interested :) email: info@sedoc.net


Hi there, let's talk about this. You should get an email from us shortly.