70% Off! itch.io Summer Sale!

It's our biggest sale yet, which for the owners of this game don't mean much (though you can tell your friends) and so we decided to couple this announcement with... new art!

In a first for us, here's every Coffee Regent, looking down upon a delegation of Tea Princesses... menacingly!

Mostly we just wanted to have art of the Coffee Regents since we don't have enough art of them, and this was a good excuse to do so.

Speaking of art, did you know we at 3 Halves Games post new art on a monthly basis? Usually it's for our social media banners, including our Discord banner, but sometimes, like for this event, it's something different. We've been experimenting with different ideas for our monthly art, all while working on our next title.

So hey, if you've made it to the end of this event post and are into a small and chill community of tea and coffee enthusiasts, sans elitism, then why not join our Discord? We're a very welcoming place if I do say so myself.

And with that, we hope you enjoy the Summer Sale! Whether you're picking up our game or not, we're sure there's something on the platform out there for you. 🏖️

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