Sovereign Tea v1.1 Released!

Friends, we are so excited to announce that our first patch for Sovereign Tea, lovingly and simply named the v1.1 patch, is here! In it, we make a number of improvements to the game all based on your player feedback. Notably, we add a lot of new options to the settings, new optional content to peruse, and a small handful of balance tweaks. The patch notes are as follows:


  • Added four new Library books written by Coffee Regents.
  • Added settings option to not select brewed unit after brewing it.
  • Added settings option to not pan camera when selecting a unit.
  • Added confirmation warning when trying to skip a level dialogue.
  • Added settings option to toggle dialogue skip confirmation warnings.
  • Updated credits with newly added crowdfunding backers.


  • Spiced Brew's Count requirement now increases by 4 each time it is used. It resets at the start of the turn.
  • Caring Sorcerer: In addition to existing effect, on heal provide Juiced 1.
  • Level 15: Replaced some starting Tea of War with Tortoise Cha.
  • Level 16: Removed Spirit Channeler from the Coffee Regent's loadout. Added starting Spirit Channeler units to the map.
  • Final Level: No longer provide infinite resources, capping instead at 250 starting per and +100/turn.


  • Lapidarian Mystic: Fixed rare softlock with its diagonal Heal action.
  • Books in the Compendium now sort in order of discovery.

We hope you enjoy the update to the game!



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45 days ago

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