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Sovereign Tea

Command the Tea Princesses to victory over the Coffee Empire in this adorable Strategy RPG! · By 3 Halves Games


Recent updates

Version 1.5 and Summer Sale! 50% Off!
Everybody, we have two exciting announcements for you! First... The game is now on sale for 50% off! And second, for those you already own the game... Version...
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Easy Mode In Development!
We thought we were done making the game, but turns out we're not! Friends, we want to let you know that we've heard your feedback. For some of you, you want to...
Halloween Sale! 20% Off!
Sovereign Tea is proud to be part of the Halloween sale! Get it now for 20% off, but only for a limited (and spooky) time!...
Week Long Deal! 20% Off!
Sovereign Tea is now 20%, from October 4 to October 11. Don't miss out on your chance to pick up the most acclaimed Tea VS Coffee Strategy RPG out there! * * Di...
Sovereign Tea v1.4.1 Critical Bugfix
If you downloaded the Halloween Update, you need to re-download this latest update to fix a game-breaking bug. With that said, here are the patch notes... or th...
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Halloween Update: Return to the Milky Woods!
Welcome to Sovereign Tea's permanent Halloween Update ! We are so excited to finally release this much-awaited update to the masses. To start, this update compr...
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