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Sovereign Tea

Command the Tea Princesses to victory over the Coffee Empire in this adorable Strategy RPG! · By 3 Halves Games


Recent updates

Sovereign Tea v1.3.2 Patch Notes
Hello all. This is a quick patch for Sovereign Tea to resolve a rare game-breaking issue. The Halloween Update is still in the works and will release on October...
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Halloween Update In Progress!
Hello friends. We have some exciting news about Sovereign Tea to share with you today! We are working on an exciting Halloween Update for the game that will be...
Sovereign Tea v1.3.1 Patch Notes
Our recent v1.3 patch came out a few days ago, but now it's time for yet another patch! Nothing fancy to state for this one, so let's just dive into patch notes...
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Sovereign Tea v1.3 Released!
We're back again with a new update to Sovereign Tea ! What started off initially as a very simple patch to address a tiny handful of text-related tweaks, intern...
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Sovereign Tea v1.2 Patch Notes
Friends, we are back with another patch for Sovereign Tea ! In this one, we focused mostly on feedback we saw from new players who streamed our game for the ver...
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Sovereign Tea v1.1 Released!
Friends, we are so excited to announce that our first patch for Sovereign Tea , lovingly and simply named the v1.1 patch , is here! In it, we make a number of i...
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Sovereign Tea Released!
Friends, what a journey it has been. At long last, Sovereign Tea is now available to play. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it! If you'...
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