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Sovereign Tea

Command the Tea Princesses to victory over the Coffee Empire in this adorable Strategy RPG! 路 By 3 Halves Games


Recent updates

Sovereign Tea v1.6.2 Released! Birthday Sale!
Sovereign Tea v1.6.2 is now available. It is also the birthdays of the lead game developer (January 22) and designer (January 19), so we're putting the game on...
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70% October Sale!
It's October, so let's get celebrate. Sovereign Tea is 70% off! Now's the perfect time to pick up the game if you haven't yet. Remember: if you beat the game, t...
v1.6.1 Released! 70% Off Sale! New Dialogues! Endosymbiont Level!
We have a pretty significant update to Sovereign Tea that should be of interest to fans old and new alike. The game is now 70% off for one week! First, the patc...
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MAJOR UPDATES: Return of Adagio Teas + v1.6 Release + More!
It's Marimo, lead developer for 3 Halves Games. I thought my last update would be the last. I also thought the update before that was the last. Oh well. Let's g...
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70% Off! Summer Sale!
It's our biggest sale yet, which for the owners of this game don't mean much (though you can tell your friends) and so we decided to couple this announcement wi...
Holiday Sale!
Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Sovereign Tea is now on sale at 饾煖饾煒% 饾暊饾晽饾晽 for the holidays. We think it makes for a fun game to...

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