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Co-developed for Yuri Game Jam 2023 with 4noki!

NOTE: The game's audio will likely sound corrupted if you use a Focusrite DAC. This is due to a bug in Godot 4's engine. Read more here.

Work is a drag, but it's less of one when you have something to look forward to after hours. That's right... Blue and Pink are going on a date! Unfortunately, Boss is a bit too enthusiastic about piling meaningless work atop of them. That, my friend, is where you and your talents come into play.

Can you help Blue and Pink wrap up their menial office tasks before their shift officially ends? All you have to do is sit in front of your keyboard, much like them, and mash some keys as they appear before you. If you succeed they'll go on a date! But fail and... well, let's just say you don't want to anger Boss.

Despite its short length, Deadline Duo features:

  • Five endings! Try to unlock them all!
  • Three difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Hard
  • Three different keyboard input modes supported, including:
    • QWERTY (which also covers QWERTZ)
    • AZERTY
    • Dvorak

Deadline Duo is both a singleplayer and local multiplayer game. Find a buddy, perhaps even a lover, and split the left-hand and right-hand inputs between two people. Bonus points if you both cosplay as Blue and Pink. Or, take on the solo challenge and try to see how accurate your typing really is!


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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Author3 Halves Games
Made withGodot
Tagsazerty, Cute, dvorak, Lesbian, Multiple Endings, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life, Two Player, Typing, Yuri
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Awwww Pink and Blue are so cute <33


Loved this game! Was drawn to it immediately because of the cover and the gameplay is so straightforward, but not too easy (I actually had to go on Easy mode to beat it...lol) and I got all endings except Hard Mode! >_< 

I was only a bit confused on ending B: Pink completes work and goes home, but Blue has to stay and work overtime, it seems; but text says: "Blue managed to escape the clutches of Boss, but Pink? Pink wasn’t so lucky…" Shouldn't it be: "Pink managed to escape the clutches of Boss, but Blue? Blue wasn’t so lucky…" ?

Overall, so cute and fun! <3

(1 edit) (+1)

...well that's embarrassing! Thanks for letting me know, I'll get an update to it tonight. And thank you for playing!

EDIT: The update is live. Thanks for calling attention to it again!!


I love the art (^o^) It's really cute (^^)<3

I'm still not able to get the hard mode ending though (t_t)

Really nice game (^w^)<3


Ending 5 solo is so hard. I like, pulled out a metronome to try and get in my head the amount of keypresses per second I'd have to do to get it. Absolutely worth it though. Cool game.


this is both very cute & very difficult!!! i played by myself & i wasn't good neough to get ending 5... 😂


Very cute but hella difficult game :3

Got endings a - d on easy difficulty, and enjoyed the cozy vibe of it all!

(It's a bit sad that people always forget about qwertz layout tho lmfao. You mentioned using Godot, maybe using physical keycodes in your inputmap could work to circumvent having to handle so many different keyboard layouts in the main menu to begin with?)

(1 edit)

QWERTZ technically is the same as QWERTY when it comes to the inputs used in the game (WASD, IJKL on QWERTY) so when it came to implementation I realized it wasn't really different. Had the inputs mapped out differently it would have been included.

And yes, I did learn about the physical layouts later (first Godot game and all that), but I think it's more fun to have the explicit toggle, which also gave me more control of the on-screen text output (didn't want it to saw WASD for Dvorak for example) -- also led to the fun VO for that area!

Thanks for checking the game out! ♥ I'll post an endings summary devlog later today so you can see what Ending E is.

EDIT: I made the post here! https://3hg.itch.io/deadline-duo/devlog/643891/all-five-endings-a-guide


This was such a short and sweet game! Playing solo I got 4 of the endings, but I think i'll definitely have to grab a friend to beat hard mode lol. Overall really cute style and fun gameplay!

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Thanks for playing! I'll post an endings summary devlog later today so you can see what Ending E is.

EDIT: I made the post here! https://3hg.itch.io/deadline-duo/devlog/643891/all-five-endings-a-guide


Hahaha this was a very charming and fun short game. Though maybe I have terrible coordination because even easy mode was a struggle, but I still liked the cuteness of it all, and I'm glad I got the 'good' ending.

I really like this!! Thanks for making it.

(1 edit)

At some point in the very near future I'll have a post showing all the endings off for the folks who want to see all the content. Thank you for playing!

EDIT: I made the post here! https://3hg.itch.io/deadline-duo/devlog/643891/all-five-endings-a-guide