Deadline Duo... Released!

Deadline Duo: a microgame by marimo and 4noki

Our latest game, Deadline Duo, is now released! It was co-developed for 20 Second Jam 2023 (edit: not anymore, see this devlog for why) with friend and yuri lover, 4noki.

Gameplay GIF

It's a simple game, but it's also our first attempt at making a game using the Godot game engine. There were some limitations due our decision to use Godot 4 with Mono (C#) support, so unfortunately there is currently no way for us to release a web build of the game as we originally intended. (edit: due to disqualification from the jam without a warning at all, we will not issue a web build, see this devlog for details.) A Windows build however is available, and with Wine you should be able to run the application on OS X without an issue.

The game has a lot of features to it:

  • Five endings! Try to unlock them all!
  • Three difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Hard
    • One of the endings is only when you beat Hard mode
  • Three different keyboard input modes supported, including:
    • QWERTY (which also covers QWERTZ)
    • AZERTY
    • Dvorak

So if you have a teeny tiny bit of time, go try the game out and let us know what you think by joining our Discord! Ciao~!


Deadline 61 MB
Nov 26, 2023

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