All Five Endings - A Guide

Deadline Duo has five different endings. This is an archive of all of them so you can see what the content is. The way to unlock these endings is as follows:

  • Blue fails, Pink fails
  • Blue fails, Pink passes
  • Blue passes, Pink fails
  • Blue passes, Pink passes
  • Blue passes, Pink passes (hard mode only)

So let's get right to it! All the art below was drawn by 4noki, the co-developer for the game! She's great and I loved working with her so go check out all her yuri VNs after this.

Ending A: The Boss and Her Orders

Blue and Pink didn’t finish work on time, so they were forced under Boss’ orders to work throughout the night… but working together all night? Well, that’s… that’s kinda like going on a date! Except your boss is there too…

Ending B: Slow Cooking Stew

Pink managed to escape the clutches of Boss, but Blue? Blue wasn’t so lucky… Unfortunately, this means Blue won’t be home in time for dinner, but at least Pink will leave leftovers for her in the fridge. Kinda sad though…

Ending C: Salmon Is Also Pink

Dinner just isn’t the same for Blue without Pink. Poor Pink wasn’t a productive a member of society, and thus wasn’t able to generate enough revenue, so overtime with Boss it is… Wait, does this mean Boss and Pink are…?

Ending D: Hands-On Evening Commute

They did it! Blue and Pink finished their work on time and escaped Boss! So now, at last, it’s date time. Given that, nobody will mind if they hold hands on the train home, right? A little PDA every now and then isn’t the worst!

Ending E: A Cruel Boss' Thesis

Blue and Pink were so productive at work that Boss felt she had to do something special. They’ve made so much money today, so how about some karaoke, just the three of them? Hm? Is this… a date with Boss?! Isn’t this against corporate policy?!

Whether you unlocked all the endings or not, thank you so much for playing our microgame! ♥

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