Yuri Game Jam 2023

Blue and Pink holding hands

Bad news. We got removed from 20 Second Jam 2023. This is because of an issue addressed in our previous devlog, wherein we were unable to make a web build for the game because we chose Godot 4 Mono, which does not support that, despite Godot 4 supporting it and Godot 3 Mono also supporting it.

As a result, we are pivoting. We are now a Yuri Game Jam 2023 entry! We entered the first one of those years back, so it's nice to return to our roots. This also makes sense, as our co-developer, 4noki, is the goddess of yuricraft.

Anyway, just wanted to have a post explaining what happened for those curious enough to look. Please continue to enjoy playing our microgame!

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