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NOTE: This is an old project. It is available for archival purposes.

The protagonists of Eons Lost: Lysia, Randal, Yanmei, Skye

Engineering student Lysia wakes up to find herself behind bars in a military prison. Within her confines, she meets three others like her: tradesman Randal, journalist Yanmei, and fellow classmate Skye. Lost and confused, the four escape their imprisonment, only to discover that they unknowingly traveled five hundred years into the past, all in an instant. At a loss for how these events came to pass, the four band together to find their way back home.

Eons Lost was a strategic turn-based fantasy RPG created specifically for Android and iOS. A demo of one of the game's early quests is fully playable in Eons Lost: Arrival, formerly available for Android and iOS. For archival purposes, it is available as-is, as an APK download for Android only.

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No virtual D-Pads! Simply touch where you want to go and the player will move in that direction. You can also touch and hold for the player to continuously follow your finger. When you walk by an interactable object or entity, a highlighter will appear. Simply tap to talk.

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The meat of the game lies in its turn-based combat system. Each character has their own unique paradigms when it comes to battling, and each battle is built with the intent of being strategic, with puzzle-like solutions leading to victory.






The World


Odessa is a sea-based country with the most impressive navy and army of all. In antiquity it was composed of 52 city-states, collectively known as the Lowlands, until the legendary hero Odysseus united them under one flag. Odessans today enjoy fertile lands typically void of beasts and monsters, but the seas remain dangerous to navigate.


Unica is a country composed largely of desert and dunes. The Proto-Unican/Gavolish cultures developed magical rods capable of irrigating the desert and terraforming the land. With this inherited technology, Unicans today thrive in an otherwise desolate and uninhabitable land.


Elif is an ancient land of dragons and ice. The first settlement of humanity, the People of the River erected stone walls to defend themselves against vicious monster attacks. Full of ageless beasts and powerful dragons, Elifites today pride themselves on their hardened survival skills whilst enjoying a shared hunting culture.

Thank You!

Thank you!

Eons Lost is a special project that we've worked hard on since starting 3 Halves Games. It would mean the world to us if you could spread the word and let your friends know about our game! Please follow development of the project on our social:

Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts about our demo, what you liked, and what we can improve upon. Let’s build a fantastic and fun game—together!

Please remember that this project is made available as-is with an Android APK last updated in 2017. It will not receive further updates or support.

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Author3 Halves Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, JRPG, Singleplayer, Strategy RPG, Top-Down, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout an hour
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Hey all. The APK is available now for download. Please read our latest devlog for postmortem thoughts on the project. Thank you!

I played the game for the first time and I can safely say it was a blast to play. I can't wait for the full game to come out.


I really really love this game! It's cute and fun to play. I like the art style and the character. 

The control is fine and i love the battles. I'm still confused about the story but i enjoyed it. 

I can't wait for the complete story! :)


Just played the demo on iOS today, and I have to admit I LOVED the characters! I wasn't expecting some of the dead characters and implied violence of the world based on the cute art style, but it made me take the game more "seriously" when adventuring! 

The tutorials for each class were well done! It took me four tries to complete Lysia's correctly, once for Randall, once for Yanmei and five times for Skye, but despite this I loved Lysia and Skye the most. Skye's tutorial in particular resonated with me, and I really enjoyed having a "moment to myself" and also drove home the fear of being unsure of my own abilities without the group to protect me. 

I had a little bit of trouble "seeing" where I was going on the map because of my thumb blocking the way, but I like this system over a designated d-pad. Another thing that puzzled me was the story, since I didn't have this background to understand what was going on; I thought maybe the group were either all secretly in a polyamorous relationship (I'm still all for this!) or the bandits who had intended to attack Sara. 

I'm excited to see this completed! The art is really lovely, and I loved the mixture of visual novel dialogue and battle elements, especially for a mobile game. Amazing work!

Thank you for playing! Regarding the story, this demo takes place partially into the full game of Eons Lost and not the start of the story. That said, we adjusted the scenario to have more introduction battles, tutorials, and the such. In the full game, expect this area to be a little bit different, as the initial introductions and tutorials would occur in an area prior to the forest. Regarding the thumb blocking, we did notice some of that, but determined that the play style felt more natural than with a virtual D-Pad. For the full game we will consider options that will work around this.

Thank you for your comment, and we hope you continue to follow the development of Eons Lost and other 3 Halves Games titles!