APK Available, and Postmortem Thoughts

Skye, Randal, Yanmei, Lysia

The Android APK of Eons Lost: Arrival, v1.0.2 from 2017, is now available to download as an APK. It is being provided as-is without any changes or updates, and is likely to not run very well on modern phones. You can however run it on an Android emulator. No further support or updates will be provided for this package. It is here for those who remember it, and those who wished to experience it in some capacity once more.

Postmortem Thoughts

Hi, it's Marimo. I founded 3 Halves Games and continue to be its lead producer and developer.

Eons Lost was the game I wanted to make when I first incorporated 3HG. As with many new developers, I had bitten off way, way more than I could chew, and simply didn't have the funds to really put the game together. Nevertheless, in spite of all the obstacles, we did manage to get a demo release out, with a small but substantial amount of gameplay and story to it. I'm still proud of the work that went into it.

Since releasing the demo, Eons Lost: Arrival, on Android and iOS, I have been hired to work in the video game industry professionally. I never would have made it into the industry, where I work on video games full-time, if not for Eons Lost. I consider myself very fortune in my position that I am allowed to continue my personal dev escapades without it interfering with my work. This will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future, and I really look forward to bringing everybody more exciting and fun games.

Why release the APK now? I could have done this at any point since 2017, so why now? Well, sadly our presence on Android and iOS no longer exists, as I'm not updating the APK to meet modern compliance. Since the pages went down, I decided to just take this page down off of itch as well.

That said, truthfully, I miss this world. Eons Lost: Arrival was just a fraction of the entire world of Eons Lost and it's a story that deserves to be told. I never got to showcase our protagonists, Lysia, Yanmei, Skye, and Randal, for who they really are. I never got to introduce our expansive cast of supporting characters and villains. Nobody has seen who Rocky is, or Maram and Malik, or the Arjan PMC, or the Immaterials, or any of that. These are names and words and phrases that aren't known to anybody outside of a small handful of people who worked on the game. I want more people to experience these characters and experience this world.

We still draw our protagonists, even well after the game's service end! We never stopped believing in them!

A while back, I tried to write the story of Eons Lost as a YA novel. I thought it was okay, but it definitely did not have the same impact as a game would have. The lack of player agency is a huge reason why I felt the novel was lacking, so even though there is a 70,000+ word novel done, covering about a fourth of the game, I never released it, and I doubt I will.

To be honest, I lacked confidence. Did anybody actually care about anything I made or wrote? For a while I thought no, but the release of Sovereign Tea changed everything. I saw fans talk about how the story moved them to tears. Some people listed it as their favorite game of the year, ahead of major, AAA titles that I thought were amazing. Its reach was small, but as a creator, seeing people actually engage with and connect with something I made is unlike anything else. You always feel vulnerable as a creator when you put your works out, but now that I've gone through it, both personally and professionally, I think I'm ready to try again.

I do believe that one day, some day, Eons Lost will be released, as a game, in full. It will not be for mobile; I am never making a mobile game again. If I release it, it will not be all at once. As was the case with Sovereign Tea, it would be updated and released over time, chapter-by-chapter. I don't have infinite resources and can't dedicate full-time to make anything for 3HG, so it feels best to do it in pieces like this. I hope fans understand and like it that way, too.

Characters from a different 3 Halves Games title, one we are actively working on instead of Eons Lost at this moment.

Having said that, Eons Lost is not the next big game I am making for 3 Halves Games. I am working on something new and fun, more science fiction than fantasy, and it's getting closer and close to presentable. My approach to the framework for it is one that had Eons Lost in mind, however. The framework I made for this unnamed game is the same as the framework that Eons Lost's return will use, should everything go as planned. This will allow me to hit the ground running for Eons Lost when the time comes.

I don't know how many years it will take. It will take years to get to a point where Eons Lost is released. It may be the last thing I ever make with 3 Halves Games. But I know that if I don't make it, when I find myself old and at the end of my days, I will feel regret. This is something I must do. It is a game I must make.

For now, you can enjoy Eons Lost: Arrival once more. I hope you think about it and I hope it makes you yearn for more. If you read all of this, thank you. Thank you for your continued support of 3 Halves Games. It means everything to me.

Yours truly,


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