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This was the best lgbt related game i have played in a while! it was very enjoyable and the graphics were amazing and the story is well written!! Keep up the good work

I couldn't get the Linux version working on my Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic), so instead I manually downloaded/unzipped the Windows version and ran it using Wine. The Unity splash screen looks a little wonky when you do this, but everything else works perfectly, and I was able to play through to the end.

As for the game itself, I'm a little too lazy to properly articulate why I like it, but heck yeah I loved it! The lack of a save feature had me a little worried, but the game is brief enough that when I needed to take a break, I could just minimize it and put my computer to sleep.

A note on background CPU usage: I don't know if this is a Wine/Ubuntu-specific problem, but those of you who run this game in Ubuntu under Wine may notice that when the game is minimized, it still uses a bunch of CPU.

  • My solution for this was to go to the task manager and Stop (not terminate!) the War of the Lilies.exe process, then Continue it when I wanted to resume.
  • Alternatively, you can launch War of the Lilies from a terminal window, hit Ctrl-Z in the terminal to pause the process when you want to take a break, then enter fg in the terminal to resume.

This was really cute and tons of fun! Loved it a bunch!

Thanks for playing!


I'm about to play this and wow!! There is a chinese character!!! ahahah!

Our Eons Lost series features four protagonists, one of whom is named Yanmei (艳梅), so yes! If you want to see more of that particular character, check out our mobile game, Eons Lost: Arrival. Thank you!




Glad you enjoyed it!


Hiya! I just wanted to say I just finished playing your game and I really enjoyed it!! It was really cute!!

Thanks for playing!