What Do You Do When You Ask Four People Out and They All Say Yes?

Originally created for 2-Buttons Jam 2018. This game is in beta! We will be adding more content to it as the weeks go by.
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will we be able to date the dm??? i loved them! they are absolutely lovely!!!! please add the option when the full game comes out :'( 

Bearing the experience of playing more than one otome at the same time (especially Liar! Uncover The Truth), so the challenge of juggling multiple dates simultaneously here seems to me : BRING IT ON! xD

Apart from my moment of arrogancy above, the element of the game is designed very sweetly and fitting to the jam's theme ^^


Adorable. :3

Can't wait for the full release!

I wanted to date the bear... :(

In the full version you'll be able to! 🐻


Cute :D
Hopefully the tiny fireball didn't set me ablaze =)

Nice concept, it works well for a 2 button game!


Very charming, can't wait for the release version