[RESPONSE REQUESTED] I want to update War of the Lilies

Hi all, it's me, Marimo, the lead dev for 3 Halves Games. It's been a bit since the release of our largest project ever, Sovereign Tea. Since release I've mostly been relaxing, catching up on all the things I missed out on during the development of that game. Among things I've done, I've gone back to replay all my old titles, including this one. That leads me to this statement:

I want to update War of the Lilies.

War of the Lilies is one of my more popular titles on itch, but it has... issues. For one, it was my first ever foray into Unity using a version so old it didn't even support JSON parsing without third party packages... and that's kind of horrifying to think about! Beyond that, it's using non-original music for the most part, animations are weak, font selection and UI is nonexistent, the window size is locked to 1280x720, and the inclusion of the RPG combat system is... very ham-fisted, to say the least.

In short, I can do a lot better and I believe War of the Lilies deserves a better build.

As I search for my "next project" I want to ask you all your opinion here: Should War of the Lilies be updated?

To be clear, the original build for the first ever Yuri Jam will remain, for historical purposes. I'd like to hear your opinions. What do you want to see? Please let me know all your thoughts. You can do so in the comments here, or you can join our Discord server and discuss with me directly there.

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I definitely would be down for a remake!

I think it would be cool to see what you could do with it with your increased knowledge from developing all these other games since.


...I'm game.