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This is sooo cute! great work

Glad you enjoyed it; thanks for checking our games out!


This was such a fun experience! There's so much I need to praise here: The animation, the text blips, the cute sprite art, the writing... Mike Young once again does excellent work with his voice acting, and the music bops. The art is so bright and colourful and pretty. What a wonderful visual novel! Thank you so much for making it!

This is fun! The dialogue flows really nicely and the art is adorable. The animations really add to the goofy atmosphere, too. :D


The graphics are adorable. The level of customization that goes into the gameplay makes it so entertaining and engaging.


I was really looking forward to playing Cooped Up! but then I saw this game and saw Mike Young played a part and immediately played this game over everything else on my to-play list lol. I really liked it! It was very cute and sweet and I was pleasantly surprised by the replayability thank you so much for making this. Now I'm looking even more forward to playing Cooped Up! XD

I made a video incase anyone wants to take a gander I 1000% recommend you play it for yourself 💜


I'm a big fan of contrasting characters, cute graphics, and sweet storytelling. Super clever and playful adventures on every route. My favorite line: "MOO."

Tasty's performance for said Moo was, truly, immaculate. Thanks for playing!

Putting this to my play list. See you soon.


Ahhh!!! This game was so cute!!! I loved both Jovia and Caelia!!! I enjoyed everything with Jovia being a nerd and rambling, and Caelia with her horrible puns! Got to say my favorite character though was Daisy. Either way!!! Super cute game guys!!!


Ah, thanks for playing! Glad Daisy is getting the love she deserves! 🐮

Looking forward to playing!