BGM now on YouTube!

The music from Kiss Three Fish is now on YouTube for all to enjoy!

This is the longest released song I've made, even though it's very short still. The previous tracks I made for Please Defeat the Bundesclown and Deadline Duo were constrained by the 20-second game length and thus didn't have to loop, but this one did. I made two similar but slightly different segments of roughly 1 minute in length. The first segment didn't start off with a strong percussion, but the second segment continues with the stronger percussion.

In the game, you only hear the first segment once, then it loops the second segment repeatedly. For this upload, I had just the first segment followed by the second, ending when it ends. Looping just the first segment felt too jarring because of the lack of percussion, hence me making a second variant. I used the same audio scheduling technology we developed for Sovereign Tea to queue these segments at the exact timestamp we needed, as a function of bpm and time signature, so that was really cool.

Regarding the composition itself, I originally was just going to make my own version of The Blue Danube, but its usage in a certain popular Korean television program made me shy away from that. I then was going to orchestrate Carl Orff's Gassenhauer, but I also went in a different direction as I worked on it. You can say that those two pieces were inspiration for this one. Naturally, the song was composed in "Sea" Major, because what other better choice is there for something like this?

As always, thank you for listening~! ♥

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