New Game! Kiss Three Fish!

Kiss Three Fish

It's me, marimo! A whole new game from 3 Halves Games, made lovingly for FishFest! There's a lot to unpack here about the creation of the title, so let's get right to it.

The original idea for the game came from gelatobear, the lead artist for basically every 3 Halves Games game out there. In their words, they wanted, "the fish to kiss," and so we rolled with that. Truthfully, the actual gameplay of what you even do wasn't figured out until the day before the jam ended, and even then, it mostly just amounted to getting a horoscope (known in-game as a fishoroscope) based on the characteristics of the fish you smooched.


I lost my mind making this game because I wanted to really push the visual envelope. I wanted animations everywhere. Every fish, every decoration in the fish tank, the water itself, the main menu logo, the hearts in the HUD, all of it. I also wanted to make my own music and sound effects for this, which was quite the challenge given the extremely tight deadline we had to meet.

I composed the main theme in C Major (Sea Major, get it?) since I felt that was appropriate. Truthfully, I was originally going to base the piece off of The Blue Danube, or even a recreation of Carl Orff's Gassenhauer. But once it was time to add percussion, I did what I always do: leverage a synthetic 808 for sick jams. It's a short piece, but it loops pretty seamlessly. There are two segments to it also, the first you only hear once, and then the higher-energy segment kicks in for the rest of the game.

The in-game mix is mono to reduce file size for the web build, but I'll release a mixed stereo version of the song too! I hope you enjoy it!

Fish in a tank

There are, somehow, 16 fish you can smooch, and 9 total endings you can get. This wasn't intentional, but it's sort of what happened. In the end screen when you get your Fishoroscope you can find out the names of the fish you kissed, so try to kiss them all! We had a lot of fun naming these little fishies.

Kiss Three Fish Logo

We're working on getting the game released in Simplified and Traditional Chinese also! I made some logos, seen above. I can't wait for people to try it out. It will be the first 3 Halves Games title to come out in another language!

If you liked this game, please follow me on Bluesky! I'd love to share more things with you. Until then, enjoy the game! ♥


Kiss Three Fish - HTML5 - v1.0.0 20 MB
Apr 08, 2024

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